After careful consideration, I have decided that now is the time to take the next step, and run for the Minnesota State Senate, District 7 this year.

Representing Duluth in the Minnesota House of Representatives for the last four years has been an honor and a privilege that I take very seriously. ​I​ am proud of my record in the House and standing up for our progressive values ­ from the minimum wage to marriage equality.

Following in the steps of Senator Sam Solon, Senator Yvonne Prettner Solon, and Senator Roger Reinert would be an absolute honor. M​y leadership over the past four years demonstrates my commitment to the future of Duluth: a strong labor community, and a focus on our environment and economic vitality.


Erik Simonson


During my time in the House I have worked for increased equity, by advocating for, and securing the significant minimum wage increase in Minnesota and the long overdue marriage equality law. I proudly stand by my record in the House, and will continue to champion our DFL values by reaching out to all stakeholders and protecting our voting rights and education funding. I will continue to defend union rights and equal rights, and my 100% AFL­CIO voting record.


Four years of service in the Minnesota House of Representatives has given me the tools to be successful from day one. With the strong working relationships I developed with Senators, connections I made in state departments, and two terms under my belt, I understand what it takes to be an effective legislator for our community. This experience allows me a seniority advantage in the Senate next year, which will be an asset to Duluth’s representation.

A Focus on Duluth

Duluth continues to be my focus at the capitol. From working to end local synthetic drug sales, to increasing our Local Government Aid (LGA) and area bonding projects, I have been a strong advocate for Duluth. I have worked hard to enact statewide policies that provided opportunities in our community. Duluth’s vitality is a model for our state, and we need effective leadership to continue that momentum.

Committed to the Future of Duluth

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